RE CARNEVALE is the poster created with a marker pen on paper by Imaginarium Creative Studio, based in Viareggio, made for the readers of the italian newspaper Il Tirreno.

He is a futuristic Carnival King, a cosmonaut, perhaps coming from another world, who lands in Viareggio to create a colorful Carnival: a universal, varied party, which combines its tradition with that of a thousand other peoples.

Seen as a whole, this Carnival King looks like a sort of spaceship of the year 3000, but going down into detail you can see that between stars and planets, there are few elements that shape his figure coming from the past, in particular from the tradition of the city: the crown, in fact, consists of two very special masks, inspired by the costumes of Sails in the Wind, floats on foot of the Carnival of 1988.

The result is an encounter between past and future, between local tradition and artistic and cultural expressions from around the world.