In 2018 the Teatro Verdi of Pisa commissioned Imaginarium Creative Studio to produce videomapping content for the set design of MOSÈ IN EGITTO by Gioachino Rossini, for the lyrical season 2018/2019.


After meeting with the set designer Valentina Bressan and the artist Josè Yaque, we started to create a series of digital contents that would help the viewer understand the scene linked to the topic of the migration. We worked on the concept of flow, understood as the flow of consciousness, the migratory flow, a flow that starts from the past and proceeds towards the future. Our present is characterized by our past history and our future. Everything is on the move, man himself is in the flow. The events in history have repeatedly tried to stop the movement of the flow, hindering the growth of a people, risking to bring it to its extinction, as told by the story of the diatribe between Jews and Egyptians.

To tell the story of this drama, we made the projection of a flow in two phases: from a continuous flow movement that runs aground, because the people leave signs of their passage, we pass to a flow that stops and stagnates in the moment of the clash, thus stopping any possibility for the future.


The digital content we created was intended for the scenic elements and the body of the singer (body mapping). The technique used for body mapping allowed the singer to move freely on stage without any restrictions. This is due to the use of the Kinect sensor.

An interesting detail of this project was our choice to create a totally interactive videomapping, which was managed following the score and the orchestral direction. To do this we used a MIDI controller that allowed us to interact and work with brightness, speed, opacity and the size of the elements.