Imaginarium Creative Studio created the corporate image for ALCHEMAYA, “syntonyc” opera from MAX GAZZE’,on the Italian stages in April 2017.
From the cover graphics to the animations for the social communication we can see that the esoteric concepts of this original piéce, played by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague, conducted by the Maestro Clemente Ferrari, are the true protagonists of a sort of “work in progress visual story” that guides the audience through the extraordinary atmosphere of the show.


12 groups of illustrations created for Alchemaya’s booklet. All made with marker on paper, they summarize the vital topic behind this work written by Max and Francesco Gazze’, they act as a key between the complex themes and a very heterogeneous audience who is attending the show for the first time.


For the social communication for Alchemaya, we made a series of mixed contents, with the aim of growing the interest and curiosity towards the show. Before narrating the setting up and the production of the show, we made a series of animations creating specific illustrations for the booklet.