The 2017 edition of the Carnival of Viareggio was won by the allegorical float FRONTIERE, by the master craftsman Alessandro Avanzini. A difficult float, not linked to the satirical tradition of the carnival, which tells instead the tragedy of the migrants: “While in Europe there is the free market where the goods flow, we see instead that the man is stuck and wounded by the new barbed wire – says Avanzini – that are denying hope, like an impenetrable border. In fact, the Old Continent is being torn apart. This is the drama that I want to represent in the central figure, which is dismembered by barbed-wire, which has become an inviolable barrier and from which it is unable to break free. I am not a historian, but a brief research would be enough to understand the genesis of what is happening at the eastern borders of Europe. And the concept that I want to recall in the float, that of the liquid society, of the global village, is now understandable by everyone. Everything passes, flows, it is exchanged, marketed without problems. Not men, women and children. Many of them find obstacles, denials, and barbed-wire, a very long barbed-wire, and this is not acceptable. The float wants to give a signal on this topic, which is among the most debated, and remind public opinion of the events that we testify in our time. For these reasons, I made it using a technique that I was interested in presenting and that I believe is the most suitable for the proposed theme: reinforced and burnt paper recomposed on steel. It is then textured with masonry mortar and other components, so as to make it clearly comparable to rubble.

Imaginarium Creative Studio tells the story of the genesis of this project, from the construction of the float, through the artistic inspirations and the conception of the stage movement of the performers, to the parade on the seafront avenues of Viareggio and the final victory.