Time’s up.

The human being has completely lost his environmental consciousness, and has created an insurmountable barrier between himself and Nature. He has forgotten his identity and his origins. Forests are deforested, and the oceans “drown” in plastics.

AKEFALOS is a time mirror, it is the short story of the wonder and fragility of an underwater world that has found itself victim of the atrocities of a polluting presence, that has become more and more powerful and hungry for space. So, what was once a submerged dimension made of HARMONY of shapes and sounds, is now a claustrophobic place populated by dissonant sounds and strange beings which have been modified by environmental alterations and are destined to die.

It is no coincidence that the title AKEFALOS, a Greek term meaning “headless”, was chosen. In music it is a rhythm that starts with a pause in the high time of the line, and it is also called “decapitated thetic rhythm”. In our project everything is music and everything follows a musicality and a circularity, from the HARMONIC to DISTORTED sounds. In this case, marine beings are the performers of a great natural composition that is sharply “decapitated” by the human hand.

The illustrations are all made with a marker on paper, while the original music is composed after a careful search for sounds that is necessary for the development of immersive, deep harmonies and disharmonies.


In December 2018, AKEFALOS was first shown to the audience at the Italian Excellence Gala & Award, where Imaginarium Creative Studio was awarded with the Artistic Excellence Award for “Sustainable Creativity” by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles and the IACC Italy – America Chamber of Commerce. On that occasion, the installation was created in collaboration with the Future Food Institute.


The WORLD WATER DAY was celebrated on 22 March. It was established by the United Nations in 1992 and is part of the Agenda 21’s guidelines, a programme of actions on the main environmental challenges of our century: climate change, air pollution and the exploitation of non-sustainable energy.

The aim of the day was to raise the awareness in the global community to take concrete action in order to protect water, rethinking it as a key resource for the sustainable development of the planet. To celebrate this initiative Imaginarium and AKEFALOS were there as guests of the event “No Planet B: The crafts of sustainability” by Future Food Institute in the spaces of the Scuderia di Bologna.