Born in 2011 in Tuscany, Imaginarium Creative Studio it’s a small Italian team made of designers and web developpers who love social media marketing and imagination like crazy!


Graphic design and and illustrator, art director and visual developper for Imaginarium Creative Studio. Using the techniques of hand-drawing, digital sketch, photo and video, she is specialized in the production of artistic contents for live entertainment and visual communication for theatre (particularly in the Grand opera), music and publishing.


Davide Giannoni is an orchestra musician, graduated in double bass at the Conservatorio Luigi Boccherini in Lucca. He is an animation technology researcher, he is specialized in the development of creative artistic contents for communication and live entertainment.
In 2011 he mixes his passion for music, photography, video and communication, giving life to Imaginarium Creative Studio, featuring Francesca Pasquinucci.